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The best way to ensure your presentations are top notch is to follow the trend. But, before you jump into the first trending style you see, check if it suits your brand and the message you want to convey. This is the most common mistake everyone makes. Choosing a design and colour scheme that does not follow their brand. This is the reason why we are compiling and breaking it down to you the trends for 2023.


  1. Modern Minimalism.


Take your plain presentation and turn it to a professional one with modern minimalism. This is easy to follow and the audience can connect with your presentation. Using a grey colour tone for your presentation can make it look sophisticated and powerful. You can either pair it with colourful images and font, or fully make it in grey and white mode.


  1. Abstract Shapes


A change from the closed borders are observed in the latest templates. Using ovals, circles and curved edges immediately changes the visual. The purpose of using this is to create a flowing design to your presentation. Use these shapes for showing important numbers, notes , quotes etc. Use a bright tone or hue of colours that impacts the brain fast. Short information in these will make it easier to remember and you can get full attention from the audience.


  1. Go Bold


If you are designing a presentation for the fashion industry, bold colours can help your presentation stand out. Vibrant orangey-red have now made a comeback and viva magenta is crowned as the pantone’s colour of the year. The colour has a cheery vibe and a chick style which donates youthfulness. Block design and abstract designs also work well with this tone. Combine the design with the amount of text and you can be the star in your next ideation pitch.


  1. AI images and 3-D realism


The emergence of meta and AI have indeed influenced presentations. AI powered images can help you think out of the box and come up with unique ideas, be it a marketing or branding presentation, incorporating AI images will be good.

3-D images can also add a class look to your presentations.  It adds gravity to your brand story and your future envision for your company. This type of design works well for construction. Interior designing, automobile, hospital sectors etc.


  1. Use images in the background.


Images can do a lot of wonder in your presentation. It gives life to your presentation, makes it interesting for the audience and easy to connect with the message. The trick of using images in the background is to fade it out such that it adds colours but at the same time the focus will be on your text. This adds more depth to your design style. Using different shapes to this style is another way of making your presentation unique. The presentation will be colourful enough yet will have a classy feeling.



With these trends you can easily create the best presentation for your pitch deck, investor reach, annual reports etc. keep in mind, before choosing any style, make sure it suits your presentation. The style, the colours, the fonts. Every minute detail matters in the presentation. Using bright and dark colours for a brand that promotes minimalism can be a turn off. If you are unsure of the design style you want check out for free design templates from SlideCEO- . If you are looking for the best presentation company, feel free to contact us. Our designers, illustrators and animators are best in the field and will help you create the presentation that will be complimented.