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How to find the right designs for your presentation?

In the last ten years, it is appropriate to say that there has almost been a revolution in the way presentations have been gaining importance in the business sector. Be it a seminar, product launch, conference, business meet, training etc. presentations have made a deep root presence. The way things were understood as far as presentations were concerned has changed dramatically in the last ten years. What was thought as just the content and facts that would constitute a presentation has come to a point of realization now that presentation needs to be more engaging with highest quality of visual appeal, just like a movie.

Would you believe that PowerPoint design industry is making soaring revenues because presenters started knowing that a good presentation is not good enough, they need great presentations. This is where PowerPoint designers and high quality PowerPoint Presentation Templates start playing a major role.

Having said that great presentations are need of the hour, we need to look at the ingredients of a great presentation. The five limbs of a PowerPoint Presentation are

  1. Content
  2. Colour theme
  3. Images
  4. Shapes
  5. Layout

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We are talking about finding the right designs for the presentation and all the ingredients mentioned above are to be used appropriately to get the right mix of a Powerful design. We need to understand that these PowerPoints are needed by extremely busy people such as businessmen, marketing gurus & sales executives. Time & design capability, both are needed to create a Perfect Presentation making it evident & reasonable that busy executives turn to powerpoint designers for their presentations.

A PowerPoint designer takes care of all these things while the presenter just provides the content. However, in the current market conditions, a good designer charge somewhere around $5 – $7 per slide, there is no upper cut off rate for a great designer ofcourse.

You can see designers charging 400 bucks for a ten slide presentation. Do not believe me, just visit some of the popular freelancing portals and you would see “N” number of such freelancing designers. It is not a question of whether that is right or wrong. It’s just that the market has opened up and the cost involved is justified considering the level of competence involved in terms of understanding, perceiving & unleashing the creativity to make the best come out of the presentation in all respects.

While, most of the presenters could not afford such a cost for a customized design, readymade PowerPoint Presentation Templates have found wide acceptance from the presenters. There are lot of good sites selling beautiful PowerPoint designs. SlideCEO is one such site selling highly Professional PowerPoint Presentation Templates.
How many times have you hit the Google search bar hoping to find out some good sites for your presentation need, only to end up landing on sites which either sell tons of useless templates or sites which charge you exorbitant rates for pretty average ones. If you are lucky,