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How Great Salesmen have always been masters in Presenting?

The topic conveys that great salesmen have always been great with presentations. But, actually it’s the other way round. Salesmen who are very good with presentations turn out to be great salesman. There is a heck a lot of difference between the two statements. Is it not?

Now, a question pops us how presentations make a difference in selling a product. Thinking minds argue that sales increase with the quality of the product. Ok. Let me put it other way around, Is it good product that attracts more sales or is it the good marketing that makes the product more saleable?

Actually, both are correct and both are wrong in some ways. To keep it simple and less confusing, I will put it this way, though a product is very good in terms of quality, to make it saleable in the first instance requires excellent marketing. People need to believe this is it; this is the product they were searching out for? This kind of first impression has never been an easy task. A great marketing mind holds the key to opening the door for the product to get implanted in the soil of market.

Once people start liking the product, then it’s a different kind of take off from thereon. Then all the product needs is just a little push from the marketing team.

Oh! I know all these things, Good marketing, Product sales, Presentations etc etc. Yes of course, you do know it, but then why the heck are you not still able to make a difference? Presentation need not to be understood as just PowerPoint Slides where the presenter keeps explaining things out to the audience. Well, it’s not just that. The actual definition of a presentation pertains to communicating the message to the other person right across the table in the most convincing & comprising manner, so that the idea which was in you is commuted to find a strong place in that person’s mind. Great Salesmen have always been able to do that. When it comes to Presentation, still Steve Jobs is the most remembered person.

The way things were presented ten years before and now are totally different. The change has been gradual but steady. What was thought as just the content and facts that would constitute a presentation has changed to realization that presentation now needs to be more engaging with highest quality of visual appeal, just like a movie.

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PowerPoint industry has now become a fast growing industry because of this realization which has got infused into the market, driving the business men and salesmen going out for highly paid presentation designers because they know a good presentation is not good enough, they need great presentations. This is where PowerPoint designers and high quality presentation templates start playing a major role.

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That which connects the salesmen with the audience is just the presentation. It is like a movie, a good movie makes the audience engaged whereas a bad movie will leave the audience bored.

Content of the movie alone will not make it a good movie, without a great screenplay, the movie is as good as being a dumb one. It is the Presentation makes this connection and great salesmen are all aware of it.