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Ten Things to remember for a successful presentation


PowerPoint Presentation is becoming the tool for business professionals. It is being seen as a doorway to reach the people, medium to transmit the message to the target group

List of questions or checklist that is essential to be taken care of before going for a powerpoint presentation.

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PowerPoint Presentation is becoming an important tool for business professionals. It is not uncommon to have come across “I would like to give a small Presentation. Would you be interested?”, the moment you see a marketing professional. A good Presentation can make a huge difference while a bad one can shake your business. Because of the need to take care of lot of things, a presenter could sometimes forget things that are highly essential. Here is a list of ten questions the presenter must ask himself before getting set for a presentation


1. Have I checked the spelling & grammar?

Spelling mistakes in your presentation can give an image of carelessness to the audience. Be sure to correct the spelling & grammatical mistakes, if any, in the presentation. These are small mistakes that leave big impact.


2. Have I saved the presentation in atleast two formats?

It is good to have the presentation in back up format incase the system in the conference does not have the latest version of Microsoft. This is rare scenario but worth giving attention to.


3. Have I given a trial run of presentation atleast once infront of a friend or a colleague?

Friends or colleague can be best judges of the way you are presenting yourself. They can give critical feedback which will be very fruitful to you unless you have a jealous friend who would want to blink like a frozed doll in the hall, you should consider giving a trial presentation before someone.


4. Have I researched about the facts in presentation thoroughly?

Always, there will be set of people who will be keen to test the presenter on the facts or even with the intent to shoot out questions that can leave the presenter embarrassed on the stage. So, it’s essential to make homework on the facts available in presentation.


5. Is your presentation getting completed within the timeline?

It is extremely important to make sure the presentation is completed within the timeline that was promised/published. Timeline exceed can leave the audience bored or they may move out, eventually missing out key things that might be coming at the end of the presentation. Don’t Do it. Check twice or thrice to ensure the presentation goes on in time.


6. Am I perspective about my audience?

Know your audience. Right from the kind of words you have prepared to use, to the style of presentation, everything is closely related to the type of target audience the presentation is intended towards.
Be perspective about your audience, if required, discuss with other people who have given presentation to a similar audience group, to learn the insights.


7. Have I rehearsed my presentation?

Practice makes man perfect. Practice it, till it becomes a part of your thought. A good practice can swiftly lift you from any setbacks that you might probably have in the presentation.


8. Have I checked the flow of presentation slides?

The flow of information is critical. Just check it twice to see for any irrelevant information that has peeped in, you might think it to be relevant but see from the audience point of view.


9. Have I switched my mobile phone or kept it in silent mode before starting the presentation?

No sounds while you are presenting as it can distract you. You cannot control how many of the audience switch of the mobile, while you can still request them but as a first step, but don’t forget to switch your cell phone off at the first place.


10. Am I confident about my attire?

Good attire boosts self confidence and the common practice of judging people with their attire, though not the perfect way of judging, is still prevalent in lots of people.

Astonishing the audience with an excellent presentation is not just a small thing, it is a skill. Without imbibing the necessary preparation that is required for the presentation, it would never be an easy task to earn the audience confidence. Make a great & smart presentation.