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5 Things People Hate about Their Presentations

It is a fact that we cannot chose our audience and to our bad luck, if we find ourselves presenting to a group of audience good enough to walk out at the first instance they smell a useless presentation, then we are infact in a much bigger trouble. I believe many marketing professionals will agree with that.

Despite your best effort and preparation, you could end up doing a very mediocre presentation. No matter how hard you work at it, sometimes, somewhere, you put yourself in a scenario where you totally dislike the way, the presentation has come out and most likely these could be the potential reasons for that.


1. You Are Just Reading

Presentation is a platform to communicate, to share information and ofcourse, it is a podium to discuss also. The moment, we say, communication, it involves both the presenter and the audience.
Audience will not happily sit around to assimilate the entire list of bulleted text on the slide decks. As a matter of fact, no one remembers plain texts and incomprehensive statistical charts.
An effective communicator will instantly pull the audience into the presentation where the audience feels comfortable being interactive. Mind that, they are not sitting there to listen to a bunch of words nor it is a classroom lecture. Next time, you see your audience shaking and waving off; make sure, you are not just reading. Communicate! Remember, Communicate.


2. Your Presentation has no visual quality

Visual appeal of a presentation plays a much significant role just as the content do. Visual content is as important as literal content. As a matter of fact, who would wish to have a cake without a cream topping? Well, I would. But, I don’t think everyone is so watery about cakes like me. Well, Point is, visual impression makes a much stronger impression. Right Colour, Right Images, Right font, Right Shapes & Right Layout – these five things play a significant role in converting a normal presentation to a real good one.
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A visually compelling presentation will gather interest among the audience and gives the confidence that “Yes, it seems good, Let us sit through and see”. Make your Presentation into a visually & graphically high quality presentation.


3. You are stiff & still like a stone

Do not forget that it’s not just your mouth that speaks, but your body too. Communicate broadly through body language. “If the audience accept you, they will accept what you say”. Smiling starts to develop the relationship with the audience, relaxes them.
A presenter might be really confident with the subject but the way he carries himself through his posture will send signals to the audience about his confidence. There is a quote saying “Movement is the song of the body”.
The flow of your message should be in sync with the movement of the hand and the gestures. Have you noticed that when the mind becomes blank or when you tend to forget, suddenly the hand movement stops? It is true vice versa also.
When you curtail the movement of your hands and forcibly restrict it, the mind also gets restricted and the way information is supposed to be presented will not flow as intended. Remember – Hand movements must be natural as if you are speaking in one to one conversation


4. Your Presentation is full of text like a book

Keep Minimum words on the slide, title of the slide should be good enough to convey the story. You are there to explain and do not make the audience read the slides to understand. Remember, half the people there cannot see beyond a foot.
A presentation is never complete with just the text on the slide on a white background. As said earlier, there should be minimum words on the slide, just giving the idea on the outline of the discussion, rest everything should be taken care by you.


5. You lack Preparation & Practice

Practice makes presentation perfect. Practice should be to the extent that presentation should seem very natural and spontaneous. Presenter should have absolute sense of time and he should be able to complete the presentation exactly within the time it is intended for. Agreed that, a presentation could be interrupted for so many reasons but the point is, you should not drag the presentation beyond its scheduled time.