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Why 16:9 is better is better than 4:3?

Before you start designing your next presentation, make sure you know how you are going to share your slides with your audience. Specifically, know what size your slides should be for an optimal viewing experience. Why? Because changing dimensions is almost the same as starting over; there is not a magical button to transform your slides into a different size.

So, before you sit down at your desk and open PowerPoint, know the answer to this question: should your slides be designed with 16:9 or 4:3 dimensions?

Most likely your slides should be designed in the 16:9 format since almost all modern projector screens, televisions, and computers display in a 16:9 layout.

4:3 is known as the standard aspect ratio, and 16:9 is commonly referred to as widescreen. With recent changes in technology, widescreen is actually the standard these days, and standard is becoming less common.
PowerPoint 2013 and later versions default to the 16:9 aspect ratio to encourage presenters to present with this format.