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  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Pricing Starts from $3 - 19 /Slide
  • Dedicated Designer support
  • Live technical support
  • Ongoing/Longterm Service available

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Custom Presentation for your different business challenges

We offer a wide range of services. When designing business and sales presentations, we place a high value on accuracy and always preserve your audience's reputation. We are at the top of the list because of our professionalism in processing client requests, and we guarantee that everything is done perfectly and on schedule. In addition to providing presentation design services, we also produce engaging and result-driven brochures, flyers, corporate reports, and digital marketing materials for our clients. Partnering with SlideCEO also ensures that you and your audience will receive corporate videos that are very informative. We constantly work to produce results that distinguish your company as the best in class. You can rely on us to deliver your deliverables in the highest quality possible at all times.


Experience the quality of a professional slide makeover

The presentation quality standards that you can choose based on your requirements.

Projects at a glance

We are a successful and reliable name in the presentation design agency world that has a knack for completing projects with an artistic touch. Our desire to deliver the best outcomes for the clients has made us the first option for a presentation design agency in the state. In our 12 years of service, we have designed over 10k presentations and have a proud list of over 260 happy customers. Designing presentations demands 100 percent dedication, and at Slideceo, we are never short of it.

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  • Happy customers

    Happy customers

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

  • Years of experience

    Years of experience

Three levels of presentation makeover

Here we are introducing three levels of presentation makeover services. In the experience of delivering large volumes of presentations to different segments globally, we realized that there is a significant difference in slide makeovers based on customer business challenges. So here you can understand and select which level of quality standards and what kinds of services need to be included based on your requirements.

our process

Our solid and customised project processing is the foundation of our entire success. It helps us deliver highly engaging, world-class presentation designs based on your requirements.

  • Setting Expectations

    Setting Expectations

    Based on customer preferences, they can share their exact project brief by scheduling a call with our designers or via email.

  • Initial Draft

    Initial Draft

    Submitting 2-3 options of small initial visual drafts as 2-3 slide design demo. This allows customers to review the overall look and feel of the presentation quality standards.

  • Design Process

    Design Process

    Start the design process for the rest of the slides based on the approved initial draft. And if there are any tweaks to the initial draft, we will update it during this phase.

  • Completed draft

    Completed draft

    Submit the completed version for client review.

  • Final delivery

    Final delivery

    Fine tune the presentation if customers have any iterations on the completed version and submit the final version with all assets. .

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We know what makes a good presentation. We help companies across many industries succeed at telling their story.