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Eight Steps to make a Presentation tremendously Successful

Steps for Preparation

As Business leaders & Marketing Professionals, we might be spending somewhere around 40- 50% of our office time with meetings & conferences. So, making presentations are part of our day to day activities Have you ever wondered why your presentation is so ordinary even after preparing it so well? Why is that delivering a good presentation becomes such a complicated task when it is supposed to so simple? Yes, indeed it is very simple but it becomes very complicated if certain key things are not taken proper care of.

Follow these steps to make an awesome presentation


Step 1 – Purpose

What is the purpose of your presentation? (Express it clearly)

Always put the intent of the presentation at the beginning itself. You have to explain to the audience the purpose of the presentation in the very first minute.


Step 2 – Audience Analysis

Are you speaking for the benefit of your audience?

Presentation is a tool to communicate, it is an effort by the presenter to enrich the time of audience, to communicate something useful with the intent of achieving mutual benefit, instead what normally seems to happen in most of the presentation is to just put the audience through the torture of that dull dry and boring presentation. You should analyze the audience to make the best out of presentation.

You must find out the following

  • The probable size of your audience
  • The time allotted for your presentation
  • Are the audiences of advanced level or beginners?
  • The occupation, social and economic level, nationality and educational level of audience.


Step 3 – Prepare the points

Preparation is the most significant step in delivering a great presentation.

  • Think about the subject, write things down, organize, outline the talk & practice.
  • Gather Information
  • Prepare a file and collect ideas
  • Make sure the information is correct, complete, relevant and updated


Step 4 – Outline Speech Patters

Even if you have a good story, a good screenplay is required for a successful movie. The content could be great, but the way it is presented to the audience is much more important. There are different patterns or schemes.

Pattern A

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Pattern B

  • Show what is wrong
  • Show How to remedy it
  • Appeal for Action (evoke desired response)

Pattern C

  • Attract favorable attention
  • Present the Problem
  • Present all possible solutions
  • Present the solution
  • Appeal of Action

Pattern D

  • • State the facts
  • • Argue from them
  • • Appeal for Action (evoke desired response)

Pattern E

  • Attract favorable attention
  • Arouse Interest in your proposition
  • Convince audience of merits of your proposition
  • Re-emphasize and summarize
  • Appeal for action


Step 5 – Familiarize the Presentation

A presenter should know each and every fact & data used in the presentation. Knowing is not just knowing them, complete knowledge about the subject is essential. If any question is put forward by the audience, presenter should be able to answer without giving a blank face or stare on the roof.


Step 6 – Practice

Practice makes presentation perfect. Practice should be to the extent that presentation should seem very natural and spontaneous. Also, be particular about the time, even if there is a timer out there hanging behind, you should be able to complete the presentation exactly at time out. It’s not about whether it is practically possible of not. Yes, agreed, presentation could be interrupted for lot of reasons. The thing is, presenter should have absolute sense of time and he should be able to complete the presentation exactly within the time it is intended for.


Step 7 – Deliver

I have written a blog earlier that “Presentations are not made, they are delivered”.

Read more about the blog here

A presentation is a tool to communicate. Take care of the points mentioned above and make a great presentation.