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Marketers – What you need to do to Create Top notch Presentation without the support of a presenter designer?

Requirement for presentation designers have gone up like a rocket in the recent years. With presentations becoming the most important tool to communicate in board rooms, sales forums & conferences, marketers shelling out dollars for hiring a presentation designer to create their presentation is now a common sight in freelancing websites.

And thanks to the dozens of freelancing portals, getting low cost designers is as easy as hitting a foot ball with a golf stick.

This trend of hiring graphic designers for presentations may go well with big companies. Except few companies like SlideCEO presentation services where the cost is very affordable, otherwise normally a good designer would charge somewhere around ten dollars per slide for PowerPoint designs while people do manage to get freelancers working at less than a dollar for a slide but ofcourse it does come with a hole in the plate and never complain about the quality. Remember! You do not get diamond ring in a grocery shop.

This puts all those small consulting companies that cannot afford to spend money at a grave disadvantage. These executives will need to work their way to create presentations themselves.

Working with consultants and marketers, some questions have always come up during the conversation – “How to make a visually great presentation? Creating a normal presentation is easy, you just put some texts on a white slide and get done but does that work anymore?

Ask yourself. How would you feel if someone invited you for their presentation and leaves you out there with the sight of text all over the slide and keeps running slide after slide?

Creating a visually captivating presentation is not just challenging, it becomes very hard to blend the content and data with visual graphics to make the presentation intriguing and interesting. I hope you give it a try and believe it’s such a pain & boring work, atleast I would not mind flipping out few dollars to hire a designer.

This is where online portals offering professional PPT templates comes resourceful and we made sure that SlideCEO comes very handy in that aspect solving the problem with unlimited Professional PowerPoint Templates for day-to-day needs of marketers and consultants.


Build a presentation in just three little steps

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Search for your favorite slides in the website
Step 3: Download the slide and use it for your presentation

We are happy that SlideCEO is unique in the way, slides are sold. Unlike other platforms, where slide packs are sold, single slides are sold in SlideCEO enabling the user to select the right slide that is exactly needed while in others, the user is required to download the full pack even if there is only slide that he might be interested in.

It is as good as having a virtual graphic designer who gets paid only when you have him to.

SlideCEO is a platform for downloading Professional Presentation Templates. We have been working on this platform for two years now. New PowerPoint Slides are added on a daily & weekly basis. Free Slides are also being given every week as complimentary.